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From Piles to Smiles® organizing and productivity service provides personalized, non-judgmental, professional coaching and hands-on organizing assistance that can help you claim control of your hectic personal and business life.


Your Business

Maximize Your Team's Time and Effort!

Is your team efficient and productive? Or do they waste time in meetings, procrastinate, and fail to complete projects on time?

As you know, productivity leads to profit. Get your team productive with the know-how to get organized, prioritize projects, and manage their time. Once they're zipping along, you'll see productivity … and profit.

"Lunch and Learn" workshops – A small investment in a series of lunchtime workshops will pay back with greater employee productivity. Topics include: prioritizing projects, using planners and other time-management tools, running productive meetings, creating efficient filing systems, using email efficiently, and more. Here are our most popular presentations (click to learn more):

Workshops plus individual coaching - From Piles to Smiles can present workshops to your entire team, to all supervisors and managers, or to all executives. Plus, we can follow up with one-on-one consulting with anyone on your team as appropriate.

Consulting to improve process efficiency - We're happy to meet with you (or the entire management team) to evaluate company processes. We have helped small, medium, and large companies in a variety of industries. Examples include improving manufacturing processes for efficiency, streamlining process steps to deliver better customer service, and establishing companywide filing systems (paper and electronic) to improve access to information.

Business Case Studies:

From Piles to Smiles Has Helped These Businesses
Gain Productivity and Profit 

Case Study #1:
No more frantic "fire drills": Manufacturing company's leadership
team now has time to focus on income-generating projects

The Situation: This manufacturing company's chaotic work environment led to last-minute "fire drills" to meet deadlines. The company's entire leadership team needed to get organized and clear stacks of paper off their desks. The president called From Piles to Smiles for help.

The Solution: Poor time management was at the root of their fire drills and disorganization. We presented a time management workshop for the leadership team and worked one-on-one with them to implement time-management strategies and set up reliable filing systems. To address the fire-drill mentality, we developed a questionnaire to help managers evaluate issues, held interviews with the plant manager and other key personnel, and evaluated the manufacturing process flow. We recommended improvements based on our discoveries. 

The Outcome: The leadership team now has the tools and knowledge to prioritize activities and schedule tasks. What's more, they have the clarity - and time - to address opportunities and focus on income-generating projects.

The company president shared this: "We uncovered project ideas, patent and trademark ideas, and client prospects worth several million dollars that were buried under piles of paper! I no longer waste time looking for files, because I know where to find them in our system. From Piles to Smiles also taught me how to make decisions about papers when I handle them, so they no longer pile up on my desk."

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Case Study #2:
Hospital department's initial goal was increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. The bonus? Better patient care!

The Situation: The director of a hospital's physical therapy department knew there was room to improve employee satisfaction and, therefore, employee productivity. She hired From Piles to Smiles to conduct a confidential employee satisfaction survey.

The Solution: We conducted one-on-one interviews with each person on the administrative and support team. A pivotal question was: "What do you need that will allow you to do your job better?" The key issue that arose was scheduling. The challenge, therefore, was creating optimal work schedules that would meet the needs of the organization and individual employees.

The Outcome: We provided survey results to the director and helped to develop balanced work schedules. Employee satisfaction and productivity skyrocketed. Plus, the hospital received a significant bonus: Better patient care! Staff members had more time to improve their communication and relationship with patients, which resulted in significantly improved customer service.

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Case Study #3
The key to efficient office space? Organize to be functional and comfortable

The Situation: A small businesses was moving into an office space featuring a reception area, private office, and conference room to meet clients. Wisely, the owner called From Piles to Smiles to organize and plan the functional space before the designer began purchasing furniture, equipment, and art.

The Solution: To ensure smooth process flow and efficiency, From Piles to Smiles interviewed the business owner to fully understand his business processes. We identified the best location for desks, printers, and other equipment; filing cabinets; and all furniture.

The Outcome: The private and public areas meet the client's stated goals of being a cozy and comfortable, professional, and highly efficient workspace.

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Our guarantee

We’re confident that, after working with From Piles to Smiles, you’ll personally feel more in control and you’ll have a more relaxing office environment. If after 2 sessions with us that isn’t the case, then we’ll refund the equivalent of 2 hours of our time. Simply call and tell us personally.