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From Piles to Smiles® organizing and productivity service provides personalized, non-judgmental, professional coaching and hands-on organizing assistance that can help you claim control of your hectic personal and business life.

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Success Stories

Read some of my clients' success stories and learn how I can help you achieve organizing and productivity success.

See How Others Exchanged Disorganization for Clarity, Focus, and Financial Gain!

I’ve helped thousands of clients organize and simplify their lives. Even better, with the results I deliver, my clients immediately discover two extraordinary benefits: 

  • The emotional pain caused by the situation completely evaporates and is replaced with feelings of buoyancy and freedom
  • The financial “pain” of their disorganized office and buried business opportunities is replaced by clarity, the ability to focus on new opportunities, and even financial gain!

Take a moment to review a few of My clients’ success stories:


No More Frantic "Fire Drills":
Manufacturing Company's Leadership Team Now Has Time to Focus on Income-Generating Projects

The Situation: Somehow this medium-size manufacturing company was able to produce its products, despite a chaotic work environment and last-minute “fire drills” to meet deadlines. The company’s entire leadership team needed to get organized and clear stacks of paper off their desks. Despite reading multiple books about how to get organized, the president was spending too much time putting out fires. Finally, he called From Piles to Smiles® for help.

The Solution: Poor time management was at the root of their fire drills and disorganization. First, I presented a time management workshop for the leadership team. Next, I worked one-on-one with the president, vice president, controller, plant manager, and administrative assistant to implement time-management strategies and set up reliable filing systems.

I also consulted with the team to help the entire company change its fire-drill mentality:

  • I developed a questionnaire to help the management team evaluate issues with plant personnel
  • Using the results of this questionnaire, I held one-on-one interviews with the plant manager, quality coordinator, technical manager, and maintenance manager
  • I observed and evaluated the manufacturing process flow and made recommendations for improvement

The Outcome: The leadership team now has the tools and knowledge to prioritize activities and schedule tasks. What’s more, they have the clarity—and time—to recognize and address opportunities and focus on high-priority, income-generating projects.

When working with From Piles to Smiles, we uncovered project ideas, patent and trademark ideas, and client prospects worth several million dollars that were buried under piles of paper! I no longer waste time looking for files because I know where to find them in the system we established. From Piles to Smiles also taught me how to make decisions about papers when I handle them, so I no longer pile them up on my desk.
— Company President

Contact me now to create YOUR success story!

I can assist you personally in your office or home in the greater Chicago area. Not located in Illinois? No matter where you live – anywhere in the world – I can assist you via remote coaching.


Manager With Home Office Increases Efficiency And Effectiveness-Clearing The Way To Achieve A Career Goal

The Situation: A regional manager for a disaster preparedness company, Patrick works at the company’s office three days a week and works at home two days a week. Sounds like the perfect setup, right? Well, not for Patrick. His small home office was crammed with personal belongings and his desk was buried under papers. When he did file something, his important papers disappeared into the “Bermuda Triangle” of his unreliable filing system.

Worse, this office situation impacted his productivity, reputation, and relationships. He ran late for meetings, he never finished a project early, and he stayed up late to meet deadlines, missing out on family time. He wanted to become a certified Emergency Preparedness Manager but thought he’d never have time to pursue this. 

The Solution: I developed a three-prong strategy to help Patrick form new habits, organize his home office, and stay on track:

  • I conducted time-management coaching with Patrick over the phone
  • I helped Patrick create a reliable filing system
  • I helped him create a system to handle incoming papers

The Outcome: I helped Patrick implement a variety of systems to increase his productivity and reduce his frustration. These included:

  • Creating “time buckets” to work on important, recurring tasks
  • Discussing how to use a time-management tool to plan projects and schedule tasks
  • Helping Patrick schedule tasks according to his peak energy time to increase productivity
  • Sharing innovative ideas to solve his time-management issues
  • Showing Patrick how to convert an endless to-do list into a prioritized action plan that allows him to exceed his job expectations and complete projects before they’re due
  • Postscript: Patrick has begun the process to become a certified Emergency Preparedness Manager
Your help to organize my office and teach me time-management skills has been invaluable,” Patrick said. “I’m much more efficient and effective now that I have systems and strategies to help me stay on track. Best of all, I no longer work late to meet deadlines. I now plan and schedule important tasks, so I can complete them well before they’re due. Thanks for giving me more time to spend with my family!
— Patrick


Contact me now to create YOUR success story!

I can assist you personally in your office or home in the greater Chicago area. Not located in Illinois? No matter where you live – anywhere in the world – I can assist you via remote coaching.


Client With Special Needs Goes From Disarray To Organized-And Completes Her Doctoral Thesis!

The Situation: Andrea, a 29-year-old doctoral candidate, has ADHD and suffers from panic attacks. She needed to write her doctoral thesis but found it difficult to prioritize her time and stay focused. On top of that, her home was in total disarray. Her bedroom floor was carpeted with papers. She felt as though she constantly was cleaning, but she was simply moving huge piles from place to place.

The Solution: Andrea’s deadline to submit her doctoral thesis kept creeping closer. Finally, she called From Piles to Smiles. We gently discussed why her home was so chaotic and discovered that her inability to categorize exacerbated her problem.

Working with Andrea, I: 

  • Cleaned the papers from her bedroom floor, dresser, closet, and under the bed
  • Set up and labeled file bins to organize her papers by category 
  • Helped her create a realistic timeline to write her thesis. Plus, I held weekly telephone sessions to review her progress, discuss obstacles, and set specific goals for the upcoming week.
  • Developed strategies to help her minimize anxiety

The Outcome: Andrea completed her doctoral thesis and submitted it on time. She is awaiting approval by the doctoral committee. In addition, she continues to keep her apartment clean and clutter free. She noted, "When I let my room start slipping back into chaos, I remember your words of wisdom: 'Don't put it down, put it away.' And those words motivate me to do just that."

In addition, the weekly phone sessions were a powerful system to help Andrea stay focused and on track with her doctoral thesis.

Whenever I got off track, I just asked myself, ‘What would Sue say?’ and it jump-started me to get back to writing. It feels great not to beat myself up when my ADHD symptoms arise. You have helped me come a long way with self-forgiveness. Thank you!
— Andrea, doctoral student

Contact me now to create YOUR success story!

I can assist you personally in your office or home in the greater Chicago area. Not located in Illinois? No matter where you live – anywhere in the world – I can assist you via remote coaching.