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From Piles to Smiles® organizing and productivity service provides personalized, non-judgmental, professional coaching and hands-on organizing assistance that can help you claim control of your hectic personal and business life.

Reasons to Stay Disorganized


Organizing and productivity ideas to help you experience the simplicity, harmony and freedom of being organized and in control.

Reasons to Stay Disorganized

Sue Becker

Are you finally ready to get organized after having considering it for a while? Have you tried unsuccessfully to get organized in the past, but have decided now is the time you’re going to make it happen? Are you ready to heed the suggestion (or plea!) of others telling you to get organized? Well before you make such a drastic move, read my reasons why you might actually want to consider staying disorganized.

You have plenty of extra time to hunt for things. What else could you possibly do with the time you’d save by not having to search for things you’ve misplaced – spend it with friends, family and on activities you enjoy? What fun is that? Nothing can match the hours of fun and entertainment that scrambling to find your keys, bills and glasses provides.

You love paying late fees. Paying your bills late allows you to enjoy the experience and satisfaction of paying hefty penalties – it’s nice to have something to spend all your extra money on.

You like buying things you already have. If something is good enough to buy once, buying two or three of them is even better. Making it easy to find what you already own would take away your ability to experience the joy of wastefulness and exasperation.

 You really might need it someday. Never mind that you won't be able to find it if you really do need it, hanging on to all kinds of otherwise useless stuff allows you to confidently say “I know it’s here somewhere.”

It's only money. Lost gift cards, misplaced uncashed checks, overdraft fees on your checking account – financial sacrifices sure beat spending time getting organized.

There's no fun in being on time. Making your friends, clients and hairstylist wait for you demonstrates just how important and popular you are – after all, nothing gets your phone ringing like being late for an appointment or meeting. It can be even more enjoyable to totally forget you even had an appointment – then people will go out of their way to get in touch with you!

 Peace of mind is for sissies. You enjoy the anxiety of not knowing what's in the boxes of papers you’ll get to someday. The guilt and emotional drain of unfinished tasks is no big deal. And you love the stress you feel at home and at work due to your disorganization. 

Not having friends and family over saves you money. Being embarrassed by how cluttered your home is has the advantage of not having to pay for food, drinks and other costs of entertaining.

It's silly to pay for something you can do yourself. Even though you probably pay someone to clean your house and maybe even do yard work, it doesn't make any sense to pay someone to help you get organized. And besides, the cost of paying someone to help you get organized can't possibly be worth the aggravation, guilt, frustration and financial costs it will eliminate.

So relax, throw a few more pieces of paper on top of that pile on your desk or kitchen counter, and don't even think about how great it would be to get organized. If, after considering my thoughts, you decide you still do want to get organized, please feel free to get in touch – I'd be glad to help.